City Building is a multi-service provider. We are involved in many aspects of property construction and management, including manufacturing, maintenance, construction and servicing. As a corporate citizen of Glasgow we take our responsibility very seriously in improving the local environment of the residents, as well as understanding our position in the global environment. To achieve our aims to manage and improve the environment, we have the following policies:

  • Commitment to the prevention of pollution, by controlling releases to the environment, either directly as a consequence of our activities or indirectly due to the services that we procure.
  • A programme for continual improvement of our environmental performance, by means of operating an environmental management system in which our impacts upon the environment are evaluated on a programmed basis and a series of objectives and targets designed to bring about improvements.
  • Commitment to comply with the existing environmental legislation and to survey future developments to ensure we anticipate changes in the legislation.
  • A commitment to reduce our environmental footprint by reducing the use of materials, water and energy.
  • A commitment to minimise the amount of waste we produce, recycling where practicable and ensuring that all wastes that must be disposed of are managed in the most appropriate manner.

To allow us to meet these obligations, the company operates an environmental management system that ensures that we constantly evaluate our impacts upon the environment and produce programmes and procedures to control these aspects. Our workforce is pivotal in the management of our environmental performance and, therefore, a programme of training and communication allows the participation of everyone in the company.

This policy is promoted by senior management in the company and is communicated to all our employees, customers and suppliers. It is available to the public through our annual report and can be viewed here, on our website. Information with respect to the environmental performance of the company is available via the company’s annual report obtainable from KPMG, 191 West George Street, Glasgow G2 2U.