Building a Sustainable Future

City Building has been recognised for its green credentials with award wins at the Insider Scottish Green Awards, the GO Scotland Awards and the Glasgow Business Awards. As well as contributing to the wellbeing of the communities City Building serves, we are also serious about protecting the environment. Across the business, continual reviews of processes to identify alternative work streams, materials, products and vehicles are undertaken. Reducing the gas and electric consumption in a number of innovative ways such as lamp replacement, movement and luminance sensors, voltage phase equalisation, introducing smart meter consumption monitoring and process changes have all contributed to a 25% reduction in our carbon footprint since 2007. Increasing recycling rates by separate collection of paint, inert materials, timber, waste electrical and electronic equipment and, more recently by segregating biomass has resulted in 1,700 tonnes of this material being diverted from landfill each year.

Looking to the future, we have constructed a dedicated micro renewables centre, showcasing sustainable technology solutions for domestic heating and hot water. Also, in recognition of our commitment to environment best practices, we have been awarded ISO 14001 status across all areas of the business.

As one of the largest construction companies in Scotland, City Building’s success incorporates:

  • Separate collection for recycling of over 80 tonnes of waste plasterboard from construction sites each year
  • Installation of electric smart meters and automated reading devices on gas meters at all premises
  • Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries (RSBi) is a member of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme
  • 40% reduction in gas consumption for our main headquarter building at Darnick Street following installation of modulating high efficiency gas boilers
  • Annual refurbishment for re-use of over 1,000 household appliances at a dedicated recycling area including cookers, washing machines, fridges and vacuums
  • Approximately 60 tonnes of cardboard baled for recycling each year

City Building Environmental Initiatives

In 2009 City Building embarked on a review of our carbon footprint and our environmental impact.

To approach this we sought and were accredited to ISO 14001, environmental standard, this ensures that we reviewed all facets of our operations with a view to reducing our impact on the environment and improve our recycling and green credentials.

As part of this we have introduced:

  • A commitment to buying timber from Sustainable sources (FSC or PEFC certification)
  • Recycling of white goods
  • Recycling of suites and mattresses reusing the frames
  • Waste segregation to reduce landfill
  • Recycling of bricks and cement
  • All timber waste is sent for chipping and re-use
  • Chipboard, MDF and plywood waste is sent for use as a biomass fuel
  • Metal is segregated and sold
  • Plasterboard is segregated on construction sites for recycling
  • Membership and accreditation of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme

To help reduce our customers’ impact on the environment, City Building’s dedicated Waste Management facility recycles up to an impressive 80% of all white goods as part of kitchen and building refurbishments. Here, suitable used white goods are PAT tested, function tested and then cleaned to a very high standard. Reconditioned white goods (fridges, washing machines and cookers) can then be supplied at a discounted rate, with the potential for white goods to be cycled through this loop a number of times before eventually reaching the end of their useful life.

Policies and Procedures have been introduced to ensure that all employees are aware of the environmental impact of City Building, including reduction in energy by the Stella “switch off” initiative, recycling paper and printer cartridges, etc. and careful driving to reduce fuel and mapping of jobs to minimise journeys.

We have been successful in reducing our carbon footprint by 25% and have been recognised with awards including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development, the VIBES Energy Award and awards from the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Business awards, GO Awards Scotland and Insider Green Awards.